About Me

I trained as a nurse at the Royal Free Hospital…

I have worked for many years, in the NHS, as a Nurse, District Nurse and Health Visitor, most recently in and around the Chelmsford area. During this time I have seen how stress, lack of self-esteem, unresolved problems from the past, as well as smoking and unwanted weight gain can have a serious impact on both our physical and mental health.

Now, as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, I work with my clients combining all of my healthcare and hypnotherapy skills to plan programmes tailored to individual goals. I will work with you to help you feel better about yourself, less stressed, more focussed, and happier in your life and relationships.
I offer a free introductory session, so we can plan to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Changing the way you think bring about amazing, life changing results, and my promise to you is to work with you to the best of my ability, to help you make these changes and to always respect you and your confidentiality

My main interests as a hypnotherapist, are weight management, stress, relationship issues and pregnancy. Having a background as a health visitor, I have a particular interest and expertise with pregnancy in particular and the benefits of hypnotherapy include shorter labour times, better bonding and increased wellbeing of both mother and baby.

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