I hope you have the chance for a holiday this year. I love to fly off on holiday, but as one who also loves to shop,  weight restrictions on baggage can sometimes be a problem. I once had the embarrassing experience of having to empty some stuff out of an overweight suitcase, in front of a stern faced check in clerk, and an impatient, but somewhat amused queue!

Excess baggage – as well as the holiday kind, there is also the emotional baggage we all carry with us. We all are the sum of our experiences in life, and a  barely  remembered incident  can have an effect years later. ‘I am no good at  …’ can result from a dismissive comment from a teacher years before, ‘eat up you must leave a clean plate’ may result in weight problems, because the natural signals to stop eating are ignored. Families too often, allbeit in a light hearted way label children as ‘the shy one’ the ‘clumsy one’ or the picky eater. These comments all too often follow into adult life as a self fullfilling prophesy.

The feeling of rejection after a relationship breakup, the feeling of inadequacy after living with criticism all can effect how we feel now, today, and can cloud our future happiness.

So how can we unpack and dump forever this unwanted baggage, and free ourselves from the restrictions that hold us back.Well there are many therapies that can help, my speciality is Hypnotherapy, and using my background of  years experience as a NHS nurse I have helped many clients move on in life, when they have issues that lie in their  emotional past. I use techniques such as visulization, regression, and showing how to establish positive outcomes, this gentle therapy can have amazing results.

So ditch that baggage , and enjoy the life you deserve!

Jennie Stanton Springfield Hypnotherapy.

Springfield Hypnotherapy