Pregnancy & Childbirth

Hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth have many benefits for mums-to-be. 

Studies have shown that it improves the pregnancy experience, can lead to shorter labour times, a good birthing experience, easier bonding and a calmer baby. Stress during pregnancy has also shown to impact negatively on baby’s long term development – hypnotherapy can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety, thereby protecting your baby from its harmful effects.

I recommend five sessions starting in early pregnancy.

The sessions include relaxation for pregnancy, pain control and self-hypnosis for use in labour. My experience of having worked as a health visitor means this is an area of great interest to me and I’m always delighted by the results it brings for both mums and babies.

Please do get in touch so we can discuss the sessions in greater detail.

The first session is free so we can discuss and plan your individual programme.


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